A blizzard starts with a single snowflake, a thunderstorm starts with a single raindrop, and a wave of change begins with a single person. Why can’t that person be you? Every purchase you make, every dollar you spend, every decision you make at the store has an impact. Your money can either feed the industries that endlessly exploit animals or your money can help build a kinder, safer, more humane world. 4 out of 5 Americans believe that we should eventually eliminate all forms of animal cruelty and suffering. If those four people were all putting their money where their hearts are, the companies that profit off animals’ pain would end up in a dry spell. They would have to become more humane or be left in the dust. Do not doubt your power as one person. You are a force of nature, capable of shutting down injustice and shedding light on compassion with every decision you make.

Whether your bank account gets a little dry at times or you’re rolling in the dough, everyone has the power to shop smarter and kinder. Feet of My People has made it simple to support ethical businesses on any budget. We’ve created shopping lists for cruelty-free companies that you can download and save to your phone, and you can snag them by clicking below.