Become an Artist

Are you interested in having your art featured and sold on Feet of My People?
Do you have a painting, illustration, comic, or slogan that expresses your dedication to animal rights?
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to raise awareness by spreading your message as far as possible?

We seek artists who are passionate about animal rights. A portion of each sale will go directly to the artist and the featured organization that they choose from our list of featured organizations. We are especially eager to work with young artists, as we believe they are the future of this movement.

If you’d like to have your art in our ecommerce store, click below to fill out an application. We are so grateful for your commitment and can’t wait to work with you!


Your inspiring and thoughtful designs are a powerful way to start conversations and begin changing minds about animal rights. By sharing your artwork on a t-shirt, you are helping to bring the Feet of My People mission to all walks of life. We are so grateful that you are passionate about spreading a message of compassion, kindness, and informed decision making, and we are honored that you’re spreading that message through the Feet of My People platform. Here’s how the process of selling your design breaks down.


1. Submit your design and choose an organization from our list of featured organizations that you would like to
support. With each sale of your design, 10% of the net profit will go to that group.

2. When your design is purchased you will receive 10% of the sale price.


Colors saved at 100% opacity
All layers merged and flattened
Fonts outlined and flattened
300DPI sizing (for print)
Transparent background (no white in the background)
Clean art without jagged lines.
File saved as a pdf, pds or png